Legend of The Well at the Ione Hotel

Legend claims that a deep old well,
Sequestered beneath the floors of the Ione Hotel,
Built a century ago and more,
Rich in history and wonderful lore,
When at the hotel tired miners dwell,
Quenched many a thirs from the good old well,
Wonders they say , the waters of the well,
Soothing muscles and achy bones,
calming nerves and healing sores,
Scrubbed and clean on skin and shin,
Cleared the pores where blemish had been,
Rubbed a drop on each fiery joint,
Wonders they say has driven the point,
Of the miracle waters of the good old well,
That's the legend at the ione hotel,
Dispel your doubts if you must,
See the well, touch each stone and dab a drop,
Close your eyes and feel...
Instant brief journey into the past,
When miners dwell and felt the well,
Of the legend at the Ione Hotel.